Monday, 29 June 2015

III. True Blood. Paieškos

I remember setting fire to the wind while the rain was caressing my face. The earth was falling through my fingers while I was kneeling and catching my breath. This one was one of the longest so far. For nearly two days I was in a chase. A chase that was supposed to lead me to... oh wait! Could this be it? No... Just some random footsteps and  whispering forest...

'Bit by bit' - the ancients used to say. Stay in line of focus, stand in clear of various thoughts and focus on a singe track. This is the only way to outrun the one they call the True Blood.
What or who are they? I used to ask my granddad. Well son - he continued while lighting up the fireplace - they are the ones who never outnumber the regular folks, but always outrun them. 'Outrun the regular?'. Yes son, outrun the regular even if the latter are equipped with machines and such. 'But granddad how is this possible?' my imagination used to light up. You see son, noone has really seen them. I was told they hunt the beasts, but never eat meat and are driven merely by the sport of the hunt or that they can run for days and nights without getting any sleep and reach the tallest mountains without any maps... stories are told but none of them actually matter.
'Why grandpa?'. As no one has really seen them or caught their eye. 'So these are just stories then?'. Oh no, they are real. Real as this heavy breathing that catches you while climbing the uphill. Real as the threat of dying every single time you run out of water, very real son. 'So why haven't anyone seen them?'. Cuz it is impossible son. 'Impossible what grandpa?'. The things they do are impossible. You see they run for hundreds of miles, they see all the possible roads and seek a victim of their own. Some people say that they are create from outta-space matter that allows them to do all of those things without dying. 'What matter is it? Tell me!'. True Blood. They go by the name of True Blood for one reason only. 'Why?'. It is believed that they are the only ones who have... the right stuff... who are built from True Blood.
'Are they even human?'. They are. They are more human. But I am certain of one thing. 'What is it grandpa?'. They are as real as you and me and if you carry on believing in them, you might just meet one one day...
One day. This is how long I am running for. I'm starting to lose all the normal senses and don't feel any pain in my legs any more. The trip that I have embarked on started quite some time ago. I remember coming across some old books, stories about the ones who are more human then the others. Books were telling the unseen, but still very realistic stories about the ones who could travel or for the sake of clarity run for hundreds of miles without stopping or sleeping for days. This was no tribe, they were not from some specific country. What connected all of them was the passion for running. The passion so strong that sometimes one would think they are made out of something special... some sort of True Blood. 

As I was digging into all of those stories my imagination began to sparkle again. 'Can this be real? I wondered for many days while looking at the long distance runners. 'Why are they called long distance if the ones the True Blood ones are outrunning them by hundreds of miles?'. 'What do you call the distance that has no limit?' 'What if the True Blood can run as long as they want and never stop?'. The horizon is endless and no one can actually put any limit on the things the True Blood can do. 
No limit for this journey of mine. I have no idea how many days it's been and how many miles I've done. The Sun, the mud, the grass the singe track. All I remember is a scrap of paper I've found in one of the old books. The ink has somewhat evaporated but you could bring the words together. The message was clear: Only by becoming one can you get one.
One by one. Step by step. How many more? I have no idea. Do I even need an idea? Will the idea help me? No. The hunt is on. I will skip all the unnecessary, turn away from the wind and proceed tracking the one I was looking for all these years. 'Mental!' they used to say, but the words landed in the dark. The shadows hide no secret as the secret is the actual unseen in the bright daylight. 
Bright daylight is what helps me. Tracking the True Blood in the night is barely impossible. Not only are they fast, but they never stop. They feed on what they find, they run on what they see. Up down up down round and round are the possible destinations.
Stop. I need to stop my heavy breathing... just a few seconds. Take a seat and rest. Grab something to eat then on with the hunt. What's this? A footstep? No, it's just the daylight playing tricks on my brain. My senses sense... wait they don't sense anything at all. I take a glance at the grind of the earth falling through my fingers. What if I don't know what I'm looking for? All these days all these miles all this effort and all for nothing... No, don't stop now. You knew what you were looking for when you started and this has not changed. All those days, all this support all the ones that believed in you and supported you. Don't drop this now. Just one more step, one more clear step in the right direction and you are back on track. 
Track was were I started. I was hoping that discipline and hard training will get me ready for what is coming. Boy was I wrong. Years have passed me and soon I came to realize that only by becoming one can you get one. Every single time I've hit track I went back home disappointed and run down. Something was missing. Something I was not aware of. This is when I decided to drop all the known and hit the unknown. The zone which no one has seen and all I could hear are the stories. The stories similar to those of the True Blood. Maybe they are similar after all. Maybe only by inov8ing or hitting the unknown can I actually become one. Who knows...

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